"Preservation Through Competition"

About Rally Collection UK

The ‘Rally Collection’ gives you the opportunity to get up close to the world of special stage rallying.

If you’re a driver:

We offer a growing range of two wheel drive cars and consultancy on building your own rally machine with our technical partners.

If you’re a business:

We offer on and off event promotional opportunities that engage you and your customers.

If you’re a rally fan:

We let you connect with the team via our media outlets and news updates.

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After our day with @EdslSport yesterday, we can’t wait for the championship to get underway...

Great day and some impressive driving today from drivers who would definitely be contenders in the 2020 @BRCrally

Would be great to see (and hear) one of these in the @BRCrally

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Historic Motorsport South West MCR GT67 EDSL